Venting & Access

Electric venting skylight

Model VCE

Designed for quick installation, the VCE electric venting skylight is the perfect daylighting solution for light-commercial and multi-family applications. It lets abundant natural light flow into the room, while blocking heat. As a venting skylight, it reduces the need for air conditioning during the year, and due to the chimney effect, improves indoor air quality when open by removing moisture, odors and other indoor pollutants.

Thanks to a pre-installed concealed motor and control system, you’ll enjoy the one-touch convenience of a remote control or mounted keypad, and can even connect your skylights to an existing automation system. If you forget to close your skylights, however, the rain sensor closes the VCE skylight automatically, in case of inclement weather. The VCE skylight also comes with a number of glass options, including tempered safety glass, snowload glass and white laminated glass.

For added peace of mind, your VELUX warranty covers 20 years on insulating glass, 10 years on the skylight, 10 years on installation, and 5 years on the electronics. See VELUX warranty brochure for complete details.

Electric venting skylight
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Skylight screens

VELUX offers a unique screen system that provides fall protection without damaging your skylight. Utilizing a special retaining bar that locks to the unit’s corners allows the screen from damaging the integrity of the skylight.

Screens are available for the CM skylight and the CAP skylight.

Screens for commercial skylights
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Louvered skylight

Model CAP

The VELUX louvered CAP commercial skylight is built using a one-piece aluminum curb with three seamless vertical corners. Louvered vents are installed on the curb walls and provide excellent ventilation in unheated spaces. It’s easy to install and available in a range of custom sizes and colors.

Fire rated for safety, the louvered CAP skylight’s welded aluminum insulated polyisocyanurate curb offers protection, while the integrated weep holes and polyurethane thermal breaks work in concert to drain condensation to the outside.

For added peace of mind, your VELUX warranty covers 10 years on the acrylic color and 5 years on the skylight. See VELUX warranty brochure for complete details.

Commercial louvered skylight
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Roof hatch skylight

Model CVA

The VELUX CVA roof hatch skylight is a durable venting skylight that is easily installed and provides full roof access. When opened, durable chains prevent the dome from hitting the roof. With its access hardware and maintenance-free PVC liner, this skylight is especially well-suited for flat roof access in commercial spaces and high-density housing.

A durable welded aluminum hatch with a mill finish provides years of reliable service, and its white 1 1/8″ PVC curb-liner insulation provides a full thermal break for maximum energy efficiency. The CVA skylight features a double-dome seal which is available in a variety of combinations, including clear over clear, clear over white, white over clear, and bronze over clear. Constructed to allow quick and easy curb-mounted installation, the CVA skylight is available in four common sizes.

For added peace of mind, your VELUX warranty covers 10 years on the acrylic color and 5 years on the skylight. See VELUX warranty brochure for complete details.

Roof Hatch Skylight
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