Residential Skylights

Rooms are better with Velux Skylights

Skylight lets in fresh air

Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights

The Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight (available for both deck and curb mount installations) features a solar panel that captures available daylight and uses it to recharge a highly efficient, fully concealed battery powered operator and control system. This operator is the power source that opens and closes the skylight, negating the need for electrical wiring during installation.


Fixed Skylight

Fixed Skylights

VELUX fixed skylights, designed for deck mounted installations, are perfect for visually expanding areas such as hallways, stairwells, and other closed-in, dark spaces that can be transformed with light and sky views. They provides an economical choice in creating a spacious home that is filled with natural light.


Installed Skylight with Curb Flashing

Curb Mounted Skylight

The skylight is mounted on a wooden frame, known as a curb, that the installer builds around the opening on your roof. Curb mounted skylights are ideal for flat roofs up to a pitch of 60 degrees.

What is Clean, Quiet & Safe glass?

Water on window

Tempered Glass

If your skylight is within reach, tempered glass consists of a dual pane, triple-coated with LowE3, dual-sealed and injected with argon gas. This provides excellent energy efficiency and thermal performance for year-round comfort.

Water on window

Clean, Quiet & Safe glass

Recommended for out-of-reach applications; standard on VSS & VCS. Clean, Quiet & Safe glass: the smooth surface disperses water evenly – removing dirt more quickly while reducing water spots.

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Features Neat® glass coating to keep your skylight cleaner longer, leaving the surface virtually spotless

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Reduces unwanted outside noise by up to 25% less than a standard double pane glass, and up to 50% less than a plastic skylight.

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VELUX recommends and building codes require laminated glass for out of reach applications.

VELUX blackout and room darkening skylight blinds

VELUX blackout and room darkening skylight blinds

Skylight blackout blinds can convert day into night, blocking even the brightest sunlight, which makes it ideal for rooms that require total room darkening, such as bedrooms. VELUX offers flat fabric or double pleated blinds in both solar and manual operation.

Double pleated room darkening skylight blinds are solar powered or manually operated, and feature blackout cloth with a honeycomb structure that are energy-efficient and have a sleek design.

Solar skylight blinds are powered by a battery, which is charged by the sun and thus does not require wiring at installation. Simply snap into place and operate with an included keypad remote.

Skylight blinds

In-stock – double pleated

Room darkening – double pleated

Blackout – flat

VELUX blackout and room darkening skylight blinds

VELUX Light Filtering Skylight Blinds

No longer is direct sunlight an issue with the light filtering solar skylight blind. Soft, diffused light is all that will enter your room.

VELUX offers single-pleat and flat fabric skylight blinds in both solar and manual operation.

For solar skylight blinds, a solar cell unit is discretely integrated into the control bar, powers the roller blind, which operates even at non-daylight hours. The blind comes with a keypad for simple operation.

Pleated light filtering - white

In-stock – single pleat

Light filtering – single pleat

Light filtering – flat