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A Hi-Tech Roof For An Iconic Oregon Landmark

A Hi-Tech Roof For An Iconic Oregon Landmark

For two generations, Pfeifer Roofing has served business owners in the mid-Willamette Valley with craft, technical proficiency and exceptional customer service.

Pfeifer Roofing was founded in 1978 by Chris Pfeifer, his vision was to create a roofing company delivering unequaled quality, performance and value. In 1989, Pfeifer Roofing was called upon to work with another Oregon visionary, Jim Bernau of Willamette Valley Vineyards (WVV). Pfeifer installed the cedar shake roof on the original Willamette Valley winery.

In 2011 (22 years later), Pfeifer Roofing was asked to bid on re-roofing the entire new WVV complex, which now included 6 additional architectural features and structures (main tasting room and visitors’ center, 2 storage/staging structures, breezeway, and entrance drive-through), including the iconic, soaring viewing cupola. After cost-benefit analysis of over a dozen options, Willamette chose the Owens Corning “Woodmoor Collection”, a 130 MPH rated shingle providing a rustic, wood shake appearance.

Because the two main buildings, the entrance drive through, the cupola, and the two detached storage sheds were built at various intervals over 20 years, each represented different roofing practices and roofing materials. In order to ensure uniform performance for all (often interconnected) structures, the existing wood shakes were removed, and the substrate was thoroughly inspected and re-secured as required. Special attention and state-of-the-art materials were used in those areas where complex rooflines intersected, and unusual architectural features required unique materials and techniques. Synthetic underlayment was applied over the main roof sections, while Weatherlock G self-adhering ice and water shield leak barrier was applied over the entire cupola, valleys, and penetrations; with 10” high-profile DecoRidge lead plumbing pipe flashings, 24” wide valley metal, and 26 gauge painted flashings. To ensure ease of future maintenance, permanent, concealed fall protection anchors were installed at the ridge of all structures.

“We go the extra mile on every job, and our work at Willamette Valley Vineyards is no exception,” says Trever Pfeifer, “We’re problem solvers and service-driven. We are a licensed general contractor, and we always approach a roofing project in terms of systems. While a roofing system on a new building averages roughly 10% of the total construction cost, the quality of the roof impacts virtually every aspect of a structure’s performance, including, but not limited to structural integrity, energy efficiency and comfort, indoor air quality, preservation of interior furnishings and finishes, right down to the foundation. We are committed to technical proficiency, installation excellence, and exceptional customer service.”

Jan Green, Facilities Manager for Willamette Valley Vineyards said, “We chose Pfeifer roofing for a variety of reasons, they have an impeccable reputation for quality, responsiveness, capacity, and value. They won this job on their merits, and we are delighted with the outcome.”

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