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Low Slope Roof System

A Solution for Every Building Type

Low slope roofs (or flat roofs, as they’re commonly referred to) are more complex than steep-slope roofs.

Understanding how a building is insulated, ventilated, and how the drainage and flashing systems integrate is key to proper performance of a low slope system. Let our experts help design a system that fits your needs.

Commercial Low Slope Roof with Crew

High-Performance Systems for Low Slope Commercial and Residential Installations

Energy Savings

White membranes can reduce your energy consumption and your rising electric bills. By reflecting up to 90% of the heat that normally enters a home through the roof, this will lower your home or buildings heat gain, and it might very well pay for itself. Both PVC and TPO membranes provide potential LEED credits, and are Energy Star rated and Cool Roof Rating Council approved.

Fire Resistant

When combined with appropriate coverboards and insulation, membrane roofing systems have up to a Class “A” rating for flame resistance. Unlike traditional roofing materials, PVC and TPO membranes will resist flames rather than fuel them.

Quality Assurance

IB Roof Systems authorizes each contractor that installs our roof systems. We want you to feel assured that you are getting the best roof system available for your home and family.

Replacing Commercial Roof

Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident with our low slope roof systems that every residential roof comes with a 100% lifetime material warranty. Your roof is covered, for as long as you own your home.

PVC Roof Systems

Proven Track Record of Performance

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) membranes are the go-to for residential, complex commercial, and multi-use buildings. With a track record stretching back almost 40 years, PVC has a consistent performance history that is hard to beat.

PVC is also an excellent option for restaurants and commercial facilities with oil, grease, and chemicals, as they don’t like PVC’s highly resistant surface, and it’s incredibly easy to repair and maintain. PVC membranes are available in 50-80mil thickness, a wide variety of colors, roll widths from 3-6 feet, 15-25 year commercial warranties and lifetime residential warranties.

We commonly install many different combinations of colors and mil thicknesses depending on the individual needs of each customer and project.

IB Roof Systems Residential Lifetime Warranty

IB Roof Systems is so confident in their membranes that every residential roof comes with a 100% lifetime material warranty. Your roof is covered, for as long as you own your home. Additionally, IB does not exclude ponding water from their warranties, as it does not affect or compromise the performance of the membrane.

IB DeckShield™ Premium Decking Membrane

DeckShield™ membrane is a skid-resistant deck & patio waterproofing system. DeckShield™ was specifically designed for residential exterior walkways, patios, decks, and balconies. DeckShield™ is available in Grey or Tan and offers up to a 10-year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Low Slope Commercial Installation
Deck Shield - Decking

TPO Roof Systems

Cost-Effective Solution for Large Commercial and Industrial Buildings

TPO (thermoplastic olefin) membranes are the fastest-growing segment of the low slope commercial roofing industry. TPO is often the ideal choice for large commercial and industrial roofing applications that need a cost-effective roofing solution.

Larger Roll Widths = Reduced Labor & Material Costs

TPO is available in a variety of larger widths for less seams and less labor than standard PVC sheets. TPO stands up to rooftop traffic, tools and equipment. TPO offers excellent wind uplift resistance and comes with an average warranty of up to 20 years. TPO membranes are available in 45-80mil thickness, white, grey and tan, and roll widths from 4-12 feet. TPO 60mil White with 20 year commercial warranty is the most common industry specification.

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