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Tesla Solar Roof

Solar Roof Certified Installer

Save money on your electricity bill and get a beautiful new tile roof at the same time! The Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall are the perfect matches for your home. Now you can have unlimited solar power without having to install an entire solar panel system.

Modern & Beautiful Roof

The Tesla Solar Roof is an excellent addition to any home. It is sleek, modern, and has no visible mounting hardware. Tesla Roofs are durable against the elements, making them a great choice for any home.

Tesla Roof by Pfeifer

Benefits of Tesla Solar

As home values continue to rise, your investment in a Tesla Solar Roof increases in value. Additionally, you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your home is powered by sustainable energy sources, which helps reduce your carbon footprint. Not to mention, you’ll be saving money on your electricity costs and be protected from power outages. Plus, you can rest assured that your Tesla Solar Roof is installed by Tesla Certified Installers.

How is Solar Power Converted?

Tesla Solar Roofs are designed to capture energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. The power Tesla Solar Roofs produce is known as direct current (DC), which is then converted by a power inverter into alternating current (AC) electricity. AC electricity powers your home.

Tesla Powerwall Battery Backup

Being prepared for a power outage is important for several reasons. For one, backup generators can take up to 10 minutes to start producing energy, but the Tesla Powerwall starts almost instantly. Additionally, the stored power is pulled from the Tesla Powerwall after sundown or in the event of a power outage. This is especially important for Oregonians who know how stressful a storm can be without power.

Tesla Powerwall installed

Tesla Solar Roof vs. Other Solar Roofing Systems

Tesla Solar Roofs are the first and only solar photovoltaic array system that is also a roof system. These premium roof systems pay for themselves over time. Tesla backs their Tesla Solar Roofs with a 25-year warranty that covers all of the roofing components.

The Durability of a Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof tiles are engineered for maximum durability and protection against all types of weather. They are also three times stronger than standard roofing tiles.

The cost of a Tesla Solar Roof is based on:

At Pfeifer Roofing, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients the best possible advice when it comes to investing in a Tesla Solar Roof.

We believe that by combining a large enough PV array with a Powerwall battery backup, you can eliminate the need for electricity from your utility company entirely.

Tesla Roof Top Down
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